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Leverage over a decade of hands-on experience with industry giants to ensure your AI/ML endeavors stand on a rock-solid foundation. With Ilya, you're not just getting expertise, you're securing peace of mind in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

First Talent

Vetting Elite Talent

Identifying the ideal founding engineer goes beyond assessing technical acumen. It's about deciphering a blend of innovation, adaptability, and vision in a rapidly evolving ML landscape, ensuring that your pick can steer the ship through both calm and turbulent waters.


Cofounder Analysis

When choosing a cofounder in the world of AI/ML, it’s critical to find someone who not only complements your skills but also possesses the foresight to anticipate and navigate the multifaceted challenges that emerge in this dynamic field.

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Talent screening

Having personally interviewed dozens of high-level candidates for big tech and shaped the hiring processes for entire organizations, I excel in discerning technical and strategic alignment.

Code Audit

ML Codebase Examination

Scrutinizing an ML code base is about more than just reviewing lines of code. It's about understanding its adaptability to future changes, its resilience to evolving challenges, and its capacity to remain efficient as the landscape of machine learning continues its relentless advance.


Risk Assessment
in ML Systems

Beyond the immediate technicalities of ML systems lies a web of potential pitfalls. From shifting industry preferences to the obsolescence of once-revered algorithms, it's imperative to identify and mitigate risks that aren't immediately visible but can have long-term implications.


Codebase Mastery

My work encompasses some of the most intricate ML systems in existence. If you've ventured online today, it's likely you've engaged with my code. This deep immersion into AI and ML equips me to rigorously scrutinize codebases, anticipate challenges, and mitigate potential risks.


Ilya B. Reznik

With over a decade of experience as a machine learning and software engineer, Ilya stands out for his proficiency in commercializing AI solutions and designing robust ML platforms. His journey includes pivotal roles at industry-leading companies, with a notable stint as a staff engineer at Meta. Ilya now channels his deep-rooted passion for ML to assist startups and venture capitalists in navigating the intricate landscape of AI.


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